What one thing,

If you could nurture and prioritize it, would have the biggest impact on your life?

And if you really committed, what would it be?

Would it be a habit? Reaching for a goal?
Uncovering the limiting beliefs that hold you back?
Expressing more of you who you are out into the world?

What one thing, would open you to your full potential?

“You are called to create, here to heal,
and meant to make magic in a mundane world.
You cannot hide, or minimize your power, any longer.
It costs you too much.”

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If you are struggling with:

  • Feeling stuck with a very long to do list that stands between you and your passions.
  • Start and stop patterns of creative exploration followed by bouts of procrastination, or perfectionism, that prevent you from being consistent with your craft.
  • Being overwhelmed, disorganized and thinking that you just can’t get it all done.
  • Negative internal dialog that just won’t quit.
  • Sensitivity that keeps you seeking a way to ‘fix’ or protect yourself.
  • A vicious cycle of believing and reaching for one more thing until you are ready.
  • Worrying that maybe you aren’t enough, or know enough, to offer your service, or products and it’s stopping you from sharing, starting a business, or profiting.
  • Afraid that by being your weird, wild self, that you will be rejected or ignored.

AND you are ready to explore a new possibility.

Picture of Rebecca Teeter

“My purpose is to unleash the inner creatives, the soul healers, and the magical beings from the mistaken belief they have to be anything other than the unique expression they are meant to be.
I am here to support you”
~ Rebecca

Rebecca Teeter is a Transformational Coach, Registered Hypnotherapist, and an Intuitive Reader of the Human Energy Field. Her work focuses on bringing congruence between the unconscious and conscious minds. Along with the power of energy work practices, she helps to manifest change in the habits and behaviors that support your life and allowing you to be an expression of your own unique, inner soul medicine.

Having a 15 year background as a massage therapist and somatic educator, Rebecca also incorporates her knowledge of the body and the importance of listening to your body’s intuition, as well as your energetic intuitive gifts. She has studied energy work for at least 10 years, including mentoring other students in their journey.

Aside from the joys and challenges of running her own business, she gives time to writing, quilting, and creating her own unique voice through art that is bolstered by her relationship with her Ancestors, spirit work, and magic.

As a creative, magical, healer myself,
art is a favorite medium of choice.
I host a group on Facebook for others who are exploring this side of themselves.
We welcome, artists, crafters, makers, and people who just live creative lives, even those who just dream of calling themselves creative.