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Updated 5/27/2020

Dear Massage Clients;

Image may contain: one or more people and textAs our state and county are starting to reopen, I wanted to share some information about my business in relation to hands-on work.

First, the state of massage in reopening: Massage was initially deemed essential for limited and medically necessary services, which does not describe my practice.

Massage is not a one-fits-all type of service.

Currently, there is no definitive, expanded guidance which specifies opening all types of massage services, or in what stage that can occur.

This is why you will find some massage therapists open or opening and others not. In addition, because these are guidelines, you will find that professionals interpret this information differently.

Where I am with my business:
I currently maintain my office space and am informed about the guidance coming from associations so that I know the changes that are recommended to make my space as safe possible to reopen for hands-on services.

I am also engaging heavily in deepening study and exploration of services I offer outside of hands-on work and am looking forward to extending those offerings.

At this time, I do not have a definitive decision or timeline regarding returning to hands-on work but it is something I think about constantly.

I have some concerns regarding some recommendations and the continued safety of working close for extended periods of time in a room with limited air flow. I also have some misgivings about the parts of massage that I feel particularly passionate about being in conflict with current suggested guidelines.

Furthermore, I agree with a slow reopening in order to monitor the shifts in how the community responds to this health crisis. Our county has been blessed to not have been significantly impacted and we are fortunate that the curve appears to be flattened but that does not eliminate the risk for certain practices and as things continue to open, the potential for spread to our vulnerable populations increases.

I am grateful to be able to choose when it is best for me to reopen and I appreciate your continued patience and understanding. I can assure you that I will likely continue to be cautious and slow to reopen and may do so myself in stages.

Thank you for your understanding. I wish you continued health.





Dear Valued Clients,

As a precautionary measure against the spread of Covid-19, I am suspending my practice.

The Governor currently has all non essential workers home until May 4th, I suspect it will be longer for my business to be open as I work so intimately with my clients.

This has been a very difficult decision to make as I depend upon my practice for my livelihood. However, when I consider the greater common good of health, it is easier. As a massage therapist for 15 years, I believe putting our health first, is a priority.

As a healthcare professional, I believe it is my duty to do what I can do to help “slow the curve” and “do no harm.” Because of the 2-14 day incubation period (longer than the seasonal flu), we may be exposed and contagious long before we display symptoms- and thus be spreading it unknowingly.

Since my profession involves being in close proximity and sharing the air for an extended time in a small room, a virus like this can be spread very quickly despite my precautions.

The best way you can support me is to return as a client when I return to practice my hands-on practice. Follow my Facebook page and add your name to my newsletter. In the meantime I am exploring other options to offer services that are not in person.

We have to remember that it isn’t the severity of the illness for most who may be impacted, it’s to slow the spread to prevent our medical system from being overwhelmed.

Mostly, thank you for being such great clients.

Take care of yourselves.


Rebecca Teeter LMT, GCFP


Are you tired, overwhelmed, or feeling like you give more cropped-img_3191.jpg
to others than you do for yourself?

Does your body ache and hurt?
Did you have to pause to check in to  even know?

When was the last time you scheduled time just for you? To take care of your needs? To put you first.

You deserve to have your body be your  best ally.
What if you gave to your body what you give to others?
What if you gave yourself time to reconnect, time to rest, and the opportunity to recover.

Get back in touch with your body, with you.  Schedule a massage today.

Why work with me?

I’ve been a massage therapist for over 13 years. I have studied injury treatment, lomilomi, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy and the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education. I also have a solid background in energetic techniques and teach meditation practices that focus on the subtle energetic body.

MEI have a particular interest in helping people to reconnect with their bodies, engage their intuitive abilities, and reset their nervous systems to increase resilience.

I’m currently offering massage-based offerings that focus on helping you reconnect with yourself, reduce pain, increase function, and learn how to put yourself back on the top your priority list. There’s more to come, too!

Rebecca Teeter, LMT GCFP

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Checks, and Credit Card  Payment is due at the time of service, or you can prepay when you book.

I do not bill insurance but, if your insurance allows you to self-submit, I can provide you with a receipt that has my npi, license, cpt codes and units. It is up to you to understand your insurance restrictions and requirements and meet them. My scope of practice does not allow me to diagnose, so I will not provide a diagnosis code unless you have a referral from your doctor.