Why I Meditate

I meditate to be present and embodied. I meditate because it helps me to return to the moment when outside influences pull my attention, or I become overwhelmed by emotions or events. I meditate to have an intimate understanding and knowing of myself on subtle levels.

Meditation allows me to having choices while living.

Why I meditate.

It gives me pause, centering, grounding, and presence. I feel peaceful in my life when I practice.

I meditate because it gives me a helpful perspective on things that have happened in the past and the things that I fear or anticipate happening in the future. It helps me to be in the present with a playful, amused, attitude that can handle challenges with grace most of the time.

I meditate to have good boundaries.

I meditate to feel safe in my environment and to feel that I am a part of the world around me while still having my boundaries.

I meditate to build discipline, which in turn builds my self-esteem and confidence.

I choose a form of meditation that utilizes a map of the energy field and the seven centered chakra system. I choose this system because these techniques help me better than any other practice I have attempted, and I have tried a lot. I chose this form because it improves and encourages me being able to get my own answers, it honors my body, and enhances my own intuitive abilities.

The form of meditation I choose allows me to experience my life with all my emotions and to be able to see the events of my life through a neutral lens when I choose, which means I don’t have to get caught in my emotions, I can move through them, or allow them to move through me. I don’t get caught in the future, in the past, or in others.

I meditate to be my most authentic, individualized, self in a world that does it’s best to make us like everyone else.

It is not an easy path to begin or stay with, but the more I choose it, the more I see the results of why I choose again and again.

All around me are reasons to not choose this path but within me are the reasons I do.

This is why I meditate.

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