A Home for Words

Living a life I love, for me, involves writing.

So, writing will be a piece of my website. Some articles may be about my work I do with others but likely most will involve more of the life I am dreaming and manifesting and what I encounter along the way.

I imagine that by sharing, I might give insight, clues, or cautionary tales to those who follow along.

At the very least, it’s possible this could become bread trails showing where I have traveled through the dark forest and where I find the light filtering through the trees because every life is filled with both shadow and light and it is only through knowing one that we find the other.

Chances are there will be days I write a great deal, and those times when months go by. One of the dances I take in life is that of acceptance and this ebb and flow will be one of those. In other words, don’t expect a great deal of consistency but delight in what is offered as I see my words as offerings.

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