What is a Breakthrough?

When seeking coaching, one of the things you will notice is how different coaches approach and package their work. Some coaches work with a time commitment such as you may commit to a three month process. This could be either individual or group coaching.

Another option is to approach resolving a particular problem. This may happen in a singular session of several hours, or perhaps over a few sessions. One way to describe this is with the term Breakthrough.

In a Breakthrough a singular issue or problem is addressed and resolved. There is a thorough intake where the coach listens, not to the content, but to the structure beneath the content.

You see how you talk about a problem you are experiencing can be more important than the content. The way we use language gives hints and clues.

During a Breakthrough, it’s the structure that is most important. Say for example, you struggle with consistency in working on your business, or in following through on exercise, or maybe it’s how you relate to money.

In listening to how a a client answers questions about the situation, I listen for what is underneath the presenting issue, the thing the client may not be able to see themselves.

That’s where the real issue lies. It’s the part they can’t see, the unconscious part that is driving the behavior and the results they are getting that have become a problem in life.

Maybe the inconsistency issue, or not following through, or how the client relates to money really has to do with being seen, or showing up in the world, or even how the client sees their own value in the world.

Example of a physical breakthrough
when I learned to break a board with my hand.

When that reality shifts, changes happen throughout life.

When you have a problem, something you just can’t see your way through, a Breakthrough might be just the answer.

When the structure is changed, your whole world shifts.

The rest is clearing up emotions from past experience, eliminating limiting beliefs, integrating parts and coming to wholeness. Once you know the real problem, the rest has ease.

Then setting some goals to move you into your future.

This is why I am offering Breakthroughs in my coaching practice. Identifying the problem underneath the problem, addressing the subconscious, and changing the pattern, changes the behavior. It changes the need for ongoing support and accountability, although that can happen too if desired.

The Breakthrough though is where the deep work takes place and it can happen over a few hours and/or weeks. There is usually a quoted amount of time in which a Breakthrough can occur. It may be shorter or a bit longer and there is an opportunity for follow up with in a certain amount of time.

Accountability in a Breakthrough comes in the form of homework between sessions, or sometimes even before the work begins. It can be intense but the results are worth it as the shift in your life becomes apparent.

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