Believe; the Antidote to Doubt

Dear One,

You feel it don’t you? That pull deep within. The one that reverberates in your bones? It started as a dream, a pull on your heartstrings, and with it, a vision.

It’s calling you. That promise you have to be, to do, to have something more. The part that longs to give to others and to something greater than yourself. That need to step into your power, to be bold, to be seen, to share your magic . . .

But you are frustrated, stuck, feeling lost., or even worse; frozen from taking action. At times it seems that each step takes a 1,000 years of effort. Every crucial movement forward that voice in your head whispers, “Not enough.” Leaving you to question everything.

You seek guidance and everyone points to the foe that has taken up residence so close you wear it like a cloak. “Ah, you have Doubt. You have Fear. It’s Imposter Syndrome.”

Thinking you must slay that dragon first, you stop to solve the problem but in doing so, more just seems to appear and your dream gets further and further away . . .

What if there was another way?

Believe: the Antidote to Doubt is a different path. An opening to a new way of being with doubt not as something to overcome but the doorway to the discovery of your most innate, most sacred gifts.

Come with me on a journey.

First, you cleanse of what you thought was the truth.

Then travel to a sacred space where you are gifted with the record of your soul whispering its secrets to you and a seed is planted.

Finally learn a process to carry with you into the future as your gifts begin to emerge.

Believe: the Antidote to Doubt is a hybrid of guided self-directed work and supportive one-on-one coaching to specifically focus on breaking through the barrier of doubt to bring forth the gifts within.

What’s included:

  • Four weeks of pdf materials provide the map
  • Four guided hypno-meditations support your journey
  • Tasking designed to provide motivation and action
  • Reflective questions to guide your understanding
  • Three 60 minute Zoom coaching sessions – like stop points along the way – to meet with your tour guide and to fine tune the journey.

You may be a perfect fit if:

  • You have a calling to be of service and make a difference in other people’s lives.
  • You are or are on your way to being a healer, energy worker, reader, complimentary or alternative practitioner, intuitive guide, coach, or teacher of the subtle arts.
  • You have likely taken steps to move forward on your journey such as completed courses, mentorships, or programs. You are at least in deep consideration of a pathway but still holding back in some way.
  • Your calling involves a sense of awakening to your gifts and abilities that may be unfamiliar or unusual to your current social community, giving you an added sense of vulnerability and pause.
  • You may have a business, feel pulled to start one, or at a stage where you need to uplevel your commitment and possibly your income.

You may be struggling with one or more of the following:

  • Holding back from offering your services or starting a business.
  • Feeling like you need more education, more training, more experience.
  • Unclear about your gifts or what you offer that is unique to you.
  • Shielding from being seen fully with your gifts.
  • Feeling confused or overwhelmed by how to move forward.
  • Actively identify that you suffer from doubt and/or imposter syndrome.
  • Fear that using your gifts will label you as weird or different.
  • Not charging enough or feeling split between your belief healing should be a gift versus making a profit.

AND . . .

  • You are ready to dig in and do what it takes to solve this problem.
  • Prepared to let go, be creative, playful, and willing to learn a new perspective.
  • Willing to dedicate at minimum three hours a week and ideally five or six to solving the issue and actively working the program over a four week period.
  • Able to create the space to focus on and actively listen to and follow along to guided audio programs that range from 20 – 40 minutes in length.
  • Journaling and reflective tasking are useful to you and you are willing to participate in this way.
  • You have access to a computer and able to meet via Zoom for coaching calls.

What you receive

Though the map is set, discovery is unique, so each journey might take you to different destinations within yourself. One of the most precious gifts is to come away from this journey is a new perspective from which new possibilities can emerge.

The journey doesn’t end just because you have returned home after travel. It continues on as your experiences and your new awareness roots and take hold. Believe is like that. The materials and the guided recordings are yours to keep and work with again as you choose.

The coaching sessions are focused and specific to your unique experience with doubt. The more you are able to engage with the work prior to sessions, the more targeted this can be.

I believe in you.

My commitment is to hold the sacred space for you to be in discovery and to offer the tools to compliment your experience.

The rest is up to you. As you engage and take action, the seeds you plant can take root and grow into something useful and beautiful that will continue to bare fruit as you claim the space that was meant for you.

The Investment. Choose One of Two Options Below:

Option One: Self-Guided Program with Three Coach Calls

  • Time is estimated at 3 – 6 hours a week for four weeks.
  • Coaching sessions must be complete within six weeks of purchase.
  • Cost is $599 However, I am currently offering a limited amount of travel adventures for $314

Option Two: Self-Guided Program, Three Coach Calls PLUS Intuitive Reading:

  • Everything in the first option.
  • Intuitive Reading ($175 value) for just $125 with program cost. The Intuitive Reading will be completed after your first or second coaching call.
  • Cost for this package is: $439 (for a limited time)