Button Testing

UPDATE: I believe I discovered the problem, or a fix. As I was changing my buttons to two just words, I changed the width. Previously I did not have one selected. I have discovered that the width needs to be at 75% or !00% in order to show more than one word on a button in Safari on IPhone 6. I tried 50% and with the phrase: Let’s zoom! and it only showed Let’s at 50%. At 75% it shows Let’s Zoom!.

Also, here is the screenshot my friend sent from her computer using Chrome on work-related unit (not sure what) that was just updated.

UPDATE: Apparently the version she is is 72, so it’s old. The changes I made did not impact how she sees it on the computer.

Thank you for your help.

See? Not all the words show. Now I’m looking at them again, I’m not sure shortening the phrases will resolve it either.