Energy Work

Intuitive Energy Readings


An intuitive exploration of the story of your energy field.

This is a reading and healing of the human energy field. You may have heard of the aura and/or the chakras but may not know that there is even more that makes up the anatomy of your energy. Your energy field is like a map of everything of and about your life over the lifetime of your soul.

It is important to know that this offering does not work to predict your future but instead, like a snapshot, gives you a story of where you are right now and how your spirit is working with you.

There are three stages to this work.

First, we begin with a 30 minute discovery zoom where we discuss your interests and your questions. You may also ask questions about the process.

Next, unattended and from a distance, I read your energy around your concerns and send you a recording of the session.

During the reading, I use the symbol of the rose to get information about what your spirit is bringing into your life at this time. I focus on what you would benefit from hearing from, or what healing may need to occur during the session. This may include information about your field, chakras, or other energetic anatomy or channels. Or it may focus almost entirely on the questions you have.

Finally, after you have listened, you have the option of a clarity call, within two weeks of the reading, and lasting up to an hour. Here you can ask questions about the reading, or about energy in general.

Here are some reasons why this might be the time for you to get a reading:

  • You have an interest in the energy field and curiosity to know more about it’s impact on your current life.
  • You feel stuck and are unsure of what actions to take, or what direction to go and taking a broader look at the situation would give you a different perspective.
  • You would like to know more about how you personally could benefit from managing your own energy field.
  • You feel a calling in your soul but are uncertain how to get more clarity.

What is a distance reading?
A distance reading means that you do not need to be present, either in person, or on the phone or zoom while the reading occurs. I find this gives me the most freedom and space to provide the best reading.

What happens before a reading?
Before I do a reading, I take time to do clearing for the reading. That means preparing my energy field, the energy of the space in which I read as well as to clear anything that my cloud my intuition in relation to your questions. I do similar work afterwards to clear any energy between us. If you do not do this kind of work, you may not be aware of the time that surrounds a reading to make it optimal and I think it is important for transparency.

Why the calls and not just the reading?
My goal is for my work to be transformational. For me that means giving you the opportunity to be clear in regards to your purpose for your reading and to be able to ask any questions that you may have.


 “Thank you so very much for the reading. It was extremely powerful and aligned with my overall journey work the past few years. Much validation to you for your gifts in bringing forth spirit communication. You have a gentle confidence that emanates as I listen to your voice. I have much to process now, and I appreciate the ease you’ve created for me to discover more.” – MM

“Straight off the bat, it’s hitting home. First time through was good.  Second even better.  It so on point… this truly is exceptional.” ST

“You are so damn good! This reading knocked my socks off!” –  JP

“This reading opened me up and helped me feel validated in my process. So many of your insights were absolutely “spot-on.” And the way you have of explaining the things you are seeing comes from a place of deep understanding and acceptance.  You are a very articulate reader, and the way you talk about psychological and life issues is very balanced and clear.
I was very impressed and continue to benefit from working with the insights, especially about feeling like an outsider — you put that all in a perspective that made sense to me, whereas I had previously been in more of a trip of “what is wrong with me?”
– PS