Four Quarter Forecasting

Are you a business owner who struggles with allowing your intuition and spirit to lead you?

Ever wanted to learn a reading system like Tarot, Runes, or Charms but thought it was too complex to begin?

Curious about how divination can be used in a practical, daily, way to help you take action and develop trust?

How would you like to:

Establish and receive some hands-on experience using a simple divination system that is practical, typically available, and can grow with you as you learn and experience more.

Utilize a system to help guide your decision-making process around what to do in your business to help move you forward.

Learn some basic divination ideas and concepts for learning that can help if you decide to take on a more complex system like Tarot.

Some things we cover:

  • The basics of a yes/no divination system.
  • How to approach asking quality questions.
  • How to notice interrelatedness of the pieces themselves.
  • Using a throwing surface to add complexity to the information you can gather.
  • How to advance your tools with marking.
  • Care, storing, and feeding of your set.

You Need:

  • To be available at the given time.
  • Access to zoom and internet.
  • Have four quarters and a piece of paper.
  • Curious and ready to participate.
  • Willing to give feedback.

No experience is necessary, but if you have some, that’s great too.

What does it cost you?

  • Your time and paper you might use during the course.
  • Feedback, I may send you some questions specific to your experience.
  • Listening to a short, shameless plug.

What you get:

  • A 90 minute zoom call describing the method.
  • A 10 page pdf booklet on how to use your tools.
  • A new option on how to be supported in business and your life.