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Seeking Creative Community Support?

A Discovery of Creatives. You don’t have to be an artist to explore your creativity. If you are looking for a safe space to share and evolve your own sense of creativity, I have a group just for that! Either click the picture below, or search us out on Facebook.

What’s a creative? Well, it might be someone who writes, paints, draws, makes fiber art or any sort of physical or performance art but many of us are creative in how we approach life. Magic practices are a good example of this as are visualization exercises and problem solving. No matter what kind of creative you are, whether you are practiced, a beginner, or just curious in developing your creativity, you are welcome.

Curious for a Sample?

Occasionally, I record a meditation or a hypnotherapy piece and provide it to my email list. Here is a link to my Soundcloud account where they are stored.

Want to Watch a Video?

I started a Youtube channel to capture videos.