Intuitive Readings

Feeling confused, uncertain, or unsure about moving forward?

Are you frustrated by patterns of behavior that persist no matter how hard you try to make change? Is something holding you back from fully enjoying the life you desire?

What if your spirit, or your intuitive self, was trying to communicate to you but your own ability to hear is clouded?

Sometimes you just need a different perspective, or to understand the bigger picture in a way that you can’t quite see from inside the situation.

This is what an Intuitive Reading can provide.

We are all naturally intuitive but often don’t recognize how we get information because it is so ingrained and natural. So, instead of relying solidly on our own intuition, we tend to question it, or ignore it all together.

Spirit and intuition speak in symbols. In an Intuitive Reading or Consultation, I use the map of your energy field, my developed intuition, and connection to subtle awareness to interpret those symbols in order to provide you with increased clarity and insight.

I do this in two parts:

Rose Reading: Using the symbol of a rose, infused

A rose reading uses the symbol of a rose to reveal information about your spirit and is a vessel for healing.

with your invited essence, I examine the different aspects of the rose to give an overall view of the energy around you or the situation. This is the story of your spirit in this moment at this time. It provides insight and helps to guide the rest of the reading.

Seven Layer Reading: After the rose reading,  utilizing the map of the 7 chakras, I look at a color and symbol at the intersection of each chakra and aura layer (7 total).  Each color and symbol are interpreted, further deepening your story.

I then offer healing support to two or three symbols; in order to clear obstacles, shift energy, or uplift needed support for your highest good.

Curious? Here’s a sample of a Rose Reading:

Client Feedback from Readings:

“Thank you so much for your reading! You were spot on with everything that you read!” – SH

“This reading opened me up and helped me feel validated in my process. So many of your insights were absolutely “spot-on.” And the way you have of explaining the things you are seeing comes from a place of deep understanding and acceptance.  You are a very articulate reader, and the way you talk about psychological and life issues is very balanced and clear.” – PS

“You are such a beautiful reader. Your reading was one of the most accurate ones I’ve had.” – MJ

“Thank you very much it was a meaningful experience for me more than anyone will ever know. “ – SU

The Details

All readings are done at a distance, meaning you do not need to be present.

What you need to do:
Payment is due up front in order to secure your reading.
When you order (Book Intuitive Reading link is below) use the email you where you would like to receive your reading or be very clear in the message area about what to use. You can include your question/area of concern in the note box when you pay, or wait to receive a response email from me. I also need your full name (first and last) and age for the reading.

What you will receive:
When I receive your request for a reading, I will email you if not included, I will ask for your question or area of concentration for the reading, any clarification I might need, and to request your full name and age.

I will also include the week in which I will do the reading. I do most readings on Mondays and Wednesdays but may add additional days depending upon my schedule and demand.

  • Note: the best readings have a focus.
  • Please provide a question, or an issue in your life, that you want to gather information around in order to clarify your own discernment.
  • Remember, the focus of these sessions isn’t to predict the future. It’s to give you information that your spirit wants you to have in relation to the question/situation.

Once the reading is complete:
You will receive another email which will contain two Dropbox links. One will be to a grounding meditation and the other to your reading. Each reading will contain a Rose Reading and a Seven Layer Chakra/Aura reading. Readings are typically an hour long.

Cost: I have been guided to offer a limited number of readings at $125 each.
Once those are complete, the price will raise.

Are you ready?   

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Disclaimer: Intuitive Readings are intended to offer insight only. They do not in any way constitute legal, financial, or medical advice. They are not a substitute for medical care or mental health treatment from a qualified medical professional. If you have questions or concerns about your mental, or physical health, please contact the appropriate medical care provider.