My Story

I became a  massage therapist back in 2005 because of a deep desire to be a part of positive touch. I entered massage school without ever having had a massage and had my first professional massage one week after classes began.  I believe most people do not have enough touch in their lives that comes from a place of true acceptance and I strive to bring that to my practice.

Several years ago I had an injury to my foot that threatened to end my career and leave me with lasting challenges to walking and movement unless I had an invasive surgery that would permanently alter my body. I choose my own path instead and wore a brace for footthree years. Then I found somatic movement and a teacher that helped to empower me with the message that I knew my body best.

I began my own training in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education and after four intensive years, I graduated. I stopped wearing my brace after the first two week segment and now go shoe-less as often as possible. I learned that many of the things I used to overcome my foot issues; corrective shoes, braces and orthotics, actually led to a lot of the dysfunction I experienced. I work now to increase the natural ability of my foot (as well as the rest of me) to function and support me.

In the beginning of 2015 I challenged myself to a year long mentorship program where I learned to work deeply with my own intuitive abilities and energies. Through this process I learned a set of tools that helped me to develop my own way of working with myself and I realized that these tools can empower others as well.

Each of these major changes in my life path has led me to a greater understanding of myself and a greater desire to help others find their own footing by learning how to pay attention to themselves, how to care for their bodies, make change and grow. We all have the abilities to know are own bodies, and our own spirits, best. But we have often been cut off from our ability to hear ourselves and to know our own stories.