Casual Woo – Puttering Sessions

Note: This page is long because I want to be as clear as possible what this and what it is not, please read it before booking.


Perhaps the greatest gift we can receive is being able to share our experiences.

Especially with the subtleness of human experience around things like energy, magic, and creativity and the things we need to have in place to support having a life that makes room for these things . . . we need someone who can listen and offer shared experience and sometimes wise information.

Over my years of working with my own self, and others, I’ve experienced a ton of different approaches and different ideas related to self-help, the body, energy, magic and all things related. During the last 15 years, I’ve had my own business related to all those things.

I’m also creative and have written, quilted, made jewelry, and more recently painted. I’m highly interested in story, symbolism, visibility and how that relates to having a business, especially a healing business.

I have studied energy work and intuition extensively over those 15 years and even mentored students for the past two. Doing so involves having a regular practice of engagement with my intuition and an evolvement of my skills and awareness.

In these Casual Woo Puttering Sessions, I’m not necessarily guiding you how to do anything, it’s an option to discuss, open to possibilities, and perhaps learn something you didn’t know before.

This is an opportunity to ask questions over the phone and get some guidance or a sharing of experiences and ideas. I will be working; perhaps cleaning, organizing, maybe even doing some art; essentially puttering about. If you work similarly, that’s up to you. I’m sure I’ll have some coffee near by for those moments that need a bit more attention.

You are welcome to take notes; I most likely will not. If I need to stop and jot some notes, I will. Or if I feel called to take a look at your energy, or do a quick experiential inquiry, I may. It’s an open flow kind of thing. It’s also possible that I will offer to send you something, a link to a resource perhaps, if something comes to mind.

We may chat about what I can offer, or set up a discovery call if it is appropriate.  One thing this is not: It is not a sales pitch.

I’m also not going to plan or review anything before our calls. When I coach, I keep notes and plan or review prior to a session. This also means I won’t look over anything you may have on offer like your website or marketing if you have business questions.

Similarly, when I do a reading of the energy field, I prepare my energy and space to optimize the connection. I will not be prepared in the same way for these calls. So, while I will have access to my intuition and might peek at the energy, I will not be prepared for a reading.

What’s different than a coaching session:
During a coaching session, I’m focused fully on you and asking questions and providing interventions, or activities I lead you through. Those things aren’t happening on these calls. These are phone calls and not zoom (where I do most of my work).

What’s different than a discovery call:
During a discovery zoom call I am giving you the same attention as a coach. I’m asking specific questions to understand your problem and how it occurs in your world.  Then we discuss whether I we are a good fit to work together. I’m paying attention to all the subtle things that I won’t be during a puttering session.

In fact, if you think we would work well together after a puttering session, you will still need to book a discovery call to see if it’s a fit.

What can you ask during a Casual Woo Puttering Session?
Here are 12 ideas that might inspire you.

• Ask questions about energy, intuition, how I do Ancestor work, the unconscious, or other subtle experiences.

• Find out about how magic, energy, and creativity are all supportive of one another.

• Discuss symbols and reading them in your life and in your work.

• Share your woo experiences and we can talk about things you may wish to explore, or how to ground into those experiences in the real world.

• Explore ideas for your own self-care routine, organizing, or how to experiment with different ways of supporting your flow into creativity, magic, or subtle worlds.

• Chat about business and building an alternative business. I have a particular interest in marketing and visibility. I might be able to offer some ideas or direction pointing. Or possibly how to use your woo to support your business.

• Ask about coaching, or energy work, what it is and how it can help.

• Ask about massage, bodywork and somatic work. I have been involved in this work for 15 years. Do you have a challenge you can’t solve? I might be able to offer some theoretical possibilities that can lead you to a discovery that makes all the difference.

Need someone to listen to your brilliant ideas you are trying to bring out into the world? This might be an opportunity for that too.

• Maybe you are just starting to create your energy, reading, or woo business and have questions or concerns about just starting.

• Ask anything, if it turns out I don’t know, I have no problem saying that too. 😉 I might even be able to ask some questions to help you find your own answers.

• You could also use this as an accountability session if you are working through your own learning around these things elsewhere and need or want someone you can check in with about how you are doing, challenges you are facing, etc. If you know this, and make it a regular thing, I will take a few notes about what you are working on and ask how you are coming along the next time we talk. But again, this isn’t coaching, more of a check in.

I typically charge $100 – $150 an hour for my services.

Because the nature of this is more casual and I’m able to do some puttering and discovery of my own as we chat – I’m only charging $50 for 50 minutes.  That’s right.

This is your chance to ask away, find out what I know, see how we work together . . . at a highly discounted price. And if you putter too, you might just clean your closet as well.

I’ll also add that I am someone who learns and makes more connections as I talk. You might be that way too. Speaking what you want, what you are experiencing, and what you are learning out into the world may help to bring it together and you might find that you have more of your own insights as well.

What this isn’t:

• Coaching
• Counseling
• Medical advice
• Active energy reading/healing
• How to use social media for your business or bring in quick money

Ready to have a conversation?